DK agencies

Tobias Grote-Beverborg grotebev at
Thu Jan 23 12:30:53 UTC 1997

Dear Members of the List!

I would like to share a rather personal impression about the book listings of 
DK agencies.
In my opinion they shouldn't be distributed on the Indology Mail List but
instead should be send to the personal e-mail address of the person concerned.
It's not that I don't appreciate the service Mr. Mittal is offering and that
one day I could be grateful for his assistance but it always takes a while
to download these rather long messages just to  put them in the trash
immediately after I find out that they are of no use for me.
After all they are a kind of advertisements and the question is whether this
mailing list is the right place for them?
Meanwhile I have his address and believe that I could contact him when I'm
in need of his kind and excellent service.

I hope noone feels offended by my frankness and please, accept my sincere
apologies if I did hurt anybody's feelings.
You are welcome to share Your opinion with me and to correct me if I'm
mistaken in my perception, either on this list or to my private e-mail account.


Tobias Grote-Beverborg
Theodorstr. 370, 40472 Duesseldorf, Germany
ph/fax: 0049-211-6581306
e-mail: grotebev at

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