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Dominique Thillaud asked:
>        I remember a story where Indra after killing Vrtra was weakened,
>flight and hide in a reed. He go out only after an other god (Agni,
>Brhaspati ?) find him and praise him. But, after some research, I was
>unable to find te source of this story.
>        Can someone help me (first and best versions) ?

One version is to be found in SatapathabrAhmaNa 1.6.4. This has been
translated by Jean Varenne, Mythes et légendes ... 1967, p. 100 f. (Maladie
d'Indra). But Indra does not hide in a reed here, but 'il se cacha, et s'en
fut au plus lointain des lointains': parAH parAvataH.

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