reference in Shorter pw?

Nozawa Masanobu nozawa at
Tue Jan 21 01:04:42 UTC 1997 wrote:

>I wonder if someone with access to the _Sanskrit-Woerterbuch in Kurzerer
>Fassung_ could very quickly look up something for me: A reference I have 
>g to Boehtlingk (dict. vol. VI, page 130) Sitaa is a "Beiname" of the
>Ganges." Is this a reference to this shorter dictionary?  Is the mention of
>Sitaa found on
> that page?  (It is not in the big dictionary, which I do have.)
>Thanks in advance!
>Jonathan Silk

Yes, it is found on the page.  
The explanation of "3. sita" is given as this:

    3. sita 1)Adj. (f. aa)   a) weiss, hellfarbig, ......
    -- f) Bein. der Ganga in sitaasitaa. 



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