Devanagari for the Mac (Jaipur font)

y.r.rani at y.r.rani at
Sun Jan 19 21:23:09 UTC 1997

Naseem Hines <sohail at> wrote:

>Try Jaipur. I am pretty happy with it, except, the bindu in meN or haiN
>sometimes hides in the matraas and there is no provision for a bindu under
>the retro D or Rh.
For  retroflexes such as "D or Rh," and also for Urdu letters which require
a dot, such as k or j, all you have to do in Jaipur is to hold down the
shift and the option key at the same time, and type the backslash / key.
Then, type the desired retroflex consonant, and a dot should automatically
appear under it.  I does on my keyboard, at any rate.

I do, however, think that Jaipur is old and ugly and there are other much
more aesthetically pleasing fonts.

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