Devanagari for the Mac

Jutta K. Lehmann lehmann at
Sun Jan 19 15:11:59 UTC 1997

>Dear indologists,
>Can anyone please tell me where to find a good set of devanagari fonts for
>the Mac? I know about the TeX fonts, since I used to work with Tex a few
>years ago while I was doing my M.A. in Buddhist epistemology at McGill
>University. They are certainly the best looking devanagari fonts I've seen
>so far. But I gave up on TeX (OzTeX on the Mac) 3 years ago and hope I
>won't have to return to it to produce nice Sanskrit documents with my Mac.
>I very much admire those of you who have the patience to work with Tex, but
>that is definitely not for me. So, are there any devenagari fonts for the
>Mac? Thanks in advance for your time.
>Raynald Prevereau

There are several devanagari fonts for the Mac, some commercial or
semi-commercial. I use one called U.B.C. Nagari designed by Prof. Aklujkar
at U.B.C. and distributed at Religious Studies at McGill. But the best font
is the new Wikner font for LaTeX which I use. Its advantage over the
original Velthuis font as far as I am concerned is the fact that with one
stroke you can translate all the devanagari into Roman transliteration and
vica versa. Really neat. If you wish more info and you are in Montreal
(which I suspect), give me a call at 844-6267 and I can give you more
details. There are now preprocessors for both Velthuis and Wikner available
for the Mac.

Best wishes

Julian Woods (ex Religious Studies at McGill)

P.S. I can understand your frustration with LaTeX but once you have
mastered it it performs like a dream.

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