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David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Fri Jan 17 21:26:12 UTC 1997

Again, can anyone help in locating a knowledgeable contact in this area
of inquiry? Many thanks.  David Magier  magier at columbia.edu

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Subject: further info request

David Magier, Librarian :

Thanks so much for the many contacts that came my way thanks to you - in
particular an anthroplogist and also an expert on the Andaman penal colony.
 If it wouldn't put you out, I wonder if you could run one more?  I checked
your data base and will make a couple of calls, but the people who listed
festival expertise seemed to be concentrated in very specifc geographic

For the National Geographic book chapter on the Andamans, I need to verify a
brief but detailed description of Holi and also a Krishna Chanting Festival.
 My concern is that religious practices evolve differently in different
places, and I don't want our facts to be geographically incorrect.  Anyone
who  has a few minutes to comment can email me at herndonfox at aol.com.

My colleague Abby Tipton is working on an Indian country story for National
Geographic Magazine, and needs help with Diwali as celebrated by Sikhs rather
than Hindus.  Her email is atipton at ngs.org.

Thank you so very much for ALL the help! I'm off to the library collection at
the U of Virginia today to do some digging!

Catherine Fox

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