the root of the ear

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Fri Jan 17 01:24:05 UTC 1997

Elephant-ear is a kind of taro (a plant with alarge edible root) grown
esp. in the southern and coastal parts of India (needs a lot of water). It
has very large leaves, hence the name.  But being an English term, I would
not be surprised if ther were a number of totally different plants sharing
the name.

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> Subject: the root of the ear
> Monier-Williams, p. 401, defines cuulaka as "the root of an elephant's ear". 
> Does anyone happen to know precisely what this is? Queries to other native 
> speakers of English, American and British, yielded only bemusement. I 
> presume it to mean the place where the external ear is attached to the scalp. 
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Max Nihom

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