Introduction to Dravidian Lingustics

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Wed Jan 15 20:00:39 UTC 1997


B. Philip Jonsson (bpj at sought general introduction to
Dravidian Linguistics. It appears the e-address is from Sweden.

In Sweden, Uppsala university has a fine dept. concentrating
on Dravidian culture studies. There was a conference on Buddhist
epic, Manimekalai last year. Years ago, Prof. Ruth Wallden
wrote Studies in Dravidian phonology and vocabulary from
there. Also, Erik Af Edholm and C. Suneson, The seven bulls and
Krsna's marriage to Nila/Nappinnai in Sanskrit and Tamil literature,
Temenos, v.8 p.29-53, 1972.

For the last few years, there are good studies from Uppsala university
mainly on the religion of Tamils from Ceylon. Take a look at
the series, Uppsala studies in the History of Religions.

N. Ganesan

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