Horses in India, onagers too

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at
Mon Jan 13 18:48:58 UTC 1997

I have another question about equid breeding in India:
Clutton-Brock's ``Horse Power'' states that breeding of crosses
between donkeys/horses and the Indian onager (Equus hemiones (sp?) khur)
was a `regular' occurance. Is there any information on how far
back this practice extended? [To judge by the Sanskrit dictionaries,
Sanskrit literature does not seem to distinguish between donkeys
and onagers. Is this correct, or is it simply a matter of translators
missing the distinction?]

> 1) Is it correct that horses are difficult to breed in India and ...
> What is the problem with breeding in India, is it the climate?

There are feral horses in the American southwest and Arabs must not have
had any problems breeding horses. Unless the monsoon interferes with
horses' mating habits, I don't see how climate can affect breeding

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