Horses in India

Mark F. Tritsch tritsch at MZDMZA.ZDV.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Fri Jan 10 12:00:53 UTC 1997

Is there anyone who could please help me with a couple of questions 
about horses in India? I need material for something on man and 
nature in India I'm doing.

1) Is it correct that horses are difficult to breed in India and 
therefore fresh blood was always imported from outside? The British 
apparently used Pathan horse-traders. Did the Moghuls do this
too, and what about the Marathas? How early do records go on this 
kind of thing? What is the problem with breeding in India, is it the 

2) What is the significance of the four standing horses of stone or 
terracotta often to be seen at a special shrine in the middle of the 
countryside in Tamil Nadu? I would like to know who or what is 
represented and what stories are attached to this.

Thanks for any help!

Mark Tritsch

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