[Q] BhavishyapurANa dates?

Anthony P Stone 101621.104 at compuserve.com
Thu Jan 9 17:05:20 UTC 1997

Pretty much the standard work on Puranic dating is : R C Hazra,  Studies in
the Puranic Records on Hindu Rites and Customs, 2nd edn, Motilal
Banarsidass, Delhi, 1975 [1st edn was Dacca, 1940].   For the Bhavishya
PurANa see pp.167-173, 188.   To summarise, 

Parvan 1 (BrAhma) - the sm.riti chapters are after 500 AD; more details
available on   some of  these.
Parvan 2 (Madhyama) -  not early; some parts before 1500 AD.
Parvan 3 (Pratisarga)  is modern (mentioning Calcutta and British rule).
Parvan 4 (Uttara) - some parts before 1100 AD.

I have a copy , so contact me if you need more information.  
Tony Stone,        <stone_catend at compuserve.com>

On  1/9/97, Rajwinder Singh wrote -
>Could somebody please give me info on the dating of BhavishyapurANa.

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