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Tue Jan 7 03:08:58 UTC 1997

      Q: Saskia Kersenboom's address

Can someone give Dr. Kersenboom-Story's address? This was a query
by D. Soneji too. I am reading her recent work.

Saskia Kersenboom, Word, Sound, Image: the life of a Tamil text.
Berg Publishers, Washington, DC, 1995, 259 p. (with computer
laser disk)

Another person to contact for Telugu studies is the 
ethnomusicologist, Dr. Matthew Allen. He did his Ph.D.
on Tamil Padhams and has given some important Telugu padhams
to translators of the book: "When God is a Customer: Telugu
cortesan songs". His e-mail: matallen at uoknor.edu

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.nasa.gov

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