Query re: Address of Chief Epigraphist to Govt. of India

falk at zedat.fu-berlin.de falk at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 2 12:36:34 UTC 1997

> Can an indology list colleague supply a postal (and if there is one,
> e-mail) address for the Chief Epigraphist to the Government of India
> at Mysore. Thanks in advance.  Somehow I have a memory that the status of
> the Epigraphical Survey was altered, but I am unable to recall the
> details.
> thanks,
> Frank Conlon
> conlon at u.washington.ed> 
Madhav N. Katti
Director Epigraphy
Old University Building
Mysore 57005
This is neutral enough *there is  problem about the relation to the ASI.
H. Falk

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