Mechandising electronic texts

Fco. Javier Mart177nez Garc177a martinez at
Fri Feb 28 17:46:01 UTC 1997

JG> today I received an offer from a company in Munich (H. Boessow PARK
JG> GmbH, Widmannstr. 11a, 81829 Muenchen) which sells the following
JG> electronic Sanskr.& Pali texts on disks at prices between 20,- and
JG> 150,- DM:

Prices are as follows:
Rgveda  40,- DM
Satapathabrahmana 50,- DM
Mahabharata 100,- DM
Ramayana 60,- DM
Pali-Kanon 150,- DM
Arthasastra 50,- DM
Manusmrti 50,- DM
Brhatsamhita 50,- DM
Buddhacarita 20,- DM

Complete package ("ca. 20 HD-disks") 500,- DM

I agree with Dominik:
DW> I can only suggest that the copyright holders of the
DW> files being distributed should write to the errant company, 
DW> and try to negotiate royalty terms.  If that fails, the sue
DW> the pants off them!


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