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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Fri Feb 28 16:56:19 UTC 1997

I have sent a letter to the company which is selling "our" electronic
texts. The text is attached.  Let us see what happens. 

All the best,

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\date{28 Feb 1997}


\address{\ }
\signature{Dr D. Wujastyk,\\Founder of the INDOLOGY network discussion group\\
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\begin{letter}{H. Boessow PARK GmbH, \\
    Widmannstr. 11a, \\
    81829 Muenchen,\\

\opening{Dear Sir,}

It has come to my attention that your company is marketing the following
electronic texts:

Rgveda  40,DM
Satapathabrahmana 50,DM
Mahabharata 100,DM
Ramayana 60,DM
Pali Canon 150,DM
Arthasastra 50,DM
Manusmrti 50,DM
Brhatsamhita 50,DM
Buddhacarita 20,DM

Complete package (``ca. 20 HDisks'') 500,DM

I and my immediate colleagues at various universities are responsible for
having made these texts available on the internet.  All these texts are
protected by Copyright from unauthorised duplication.  Authorised
duplication includes duplication for private, scholarly purposes.
\textbf{Unauthorised} duplication includes the duplication and 
distribution of these texts for sale.

Please confirm to me in writing by return of post that you have indeed
gained written permission from all the copyright holders of these electronic
texts to duplicate and sell them, or that you are currently in the process
of doing so.

If you have not negotiated rights with the copyright holders, please
withdraw these electronic texts from the market immediately, until such time
as the right to right the files has been successfully negotiated with the
copyright holders.

If you have not negotiated copyright permission with the copyright holders
to distribute these texts, and if you do not do so immediately, then the
copyright holders will have no alternative but to consider legal action
against your company.

While I cannot speak for my colleagues, it is my impression that they will
be prepared to offer you the right to duplicate and sell copies of these
files provided that you satisfy them that the price asked is approximately
equal to the cost incurred in duplication, media, and delivery.  In other
words, it is our wish to help fellow scholars and interested parties who do
not have an internet connection to acquire these files, but it is not our
wish that substantial profit be generated from such a service.

\closing{Yours faithfully,}


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