Indo-Germanic and Svastika

Kalyanaraman mdsaaa48 at
Fri Feb 28 04:33:37 UTC 1997

On the subject of svastika, can it be explained why or how this sign (both right and
left pointing) occurs on the Harappan inscriptions? I wonder if  "Dravidian"
linguistics provides an ancient word for this glyph.
Regards. Kalyanaraman.
>At 10:16 AM 2/27/97 Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>> In India the problem is that people do not connect
>>the "aryan" with fascism. That is after all a European phenomenon. How will
>>you convince your Indian colleagues to go easy on the term "Aryan"? Their
>>aryans are, after all, their legitimate forefathers. Somehow, you would be
>>forcing upon them a moral dilemma for which they are not responsible to
>>begin with.
>Very good point.  The same can be said about the svastika (whether right or
>left pointing).
>But what about the term "Indo-Germanic," Lars?
>Luis Gonzalez-Reimann

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