Mechandising electronic texts

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Subject: Re: Mechandising electronic texts
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Date:    2/27/97 2:18 PM

"---This is a serious development.  The e-texts of the Mahabharata and 
Ramayana (at least, probably others) are explicitly copyrighted, and the 
copyright explicitly notes that these files are free *for scholarly 
purposes*.  Anyone wishing to distribute them commercially must seek 
permission and negotiate terms.---"

Let us rob vyaasaa & vaalmeeki, again and again --
who have never even dreamed of making a single 
farthing on their works!

I know. The key word above is "commercial." Motilal
Banarasi Das in India reprints all the classics, 
does an aweful job at that, -- 
yet makes a heck of a lot of dough!


V R Veluri 

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