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Thu Feb 27 13:12:20 UTC 1997

The latest posting that I have seen illustrates perfectly the point about the 
irrelevance of nationality.   Lance Cousins refers to me -- and we have known each 
other for years -- as a Scottish scholar.   I have been domiciled in Scotland for over 
thirty years but I am English by birth.  In fact, I try to avoid accepting a national 
identity, since 'British' sound so awkward in speech (though alright for official 
documents) and no one believes in European, which is how I would prefer to describe 
myself, since for me the cultural dimension is the most important one.

Incidentally, I believe that I was put on the mailing list for Professor Schlingloff's 
booklet after attending a meeting of the Deutsche Orientalistentag and have found it 
helpful in maintaining the contacts made then.

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