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Dan Lusthaus dlusthau at
Wed Feb 26 22:08:09 UTC 1997

>>Let us be frank: Anglosaxons today revel in an ethnocentricity and
>>language chauvinism that is unprecedented in world history. This is so
>>strong that they are largely unaware of it. (I invite the list members
>>to keep their eyes open for publications in which the word "Western"
>>evidently excludes everything that is not written by Americans or
>>Britons. Such publications exist; I have seen them.) And this
>>Anglocentricness has been successfully exported to places such as India.
>>This is a Bad And Stupid Thing.
>There you go again. 'Anglosaxons'. You mean Americans (and
>American-influenced Indians). British scholars are perfectly well aware of
>this kind of language chauvinism. (Heavens they are even trying to force us
>to change our own language !)  Good British scholars do indeed read works
>in other languages and don't, I believe, share the kind of ethnocentricity
>you are referring to.
>L.S. Cousins

Do I smell sour grapes fermenting? ;)

Is that the thanks we get for saving everybody's hide in WW II (if not for
us, Lance might be speaking German himself today), and for keeping the
world relatively tidy while defunct Imperialist expansionism implodes back
in on itself?

Seems to me the Indian passions are for cricket and (european/British)
football, not baseball or (American) football.

By the way, Robert, the last time I ran into someone revelling in
ethnocentricity, I was in Paris (just kidding; je suis desolé).

Dan Lusthaus
Flordia State University

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