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Tue Feb 25 16:04:44 UTC 1997

Dear Friends,
Reacting on Mr. Silk's and other members' comments on this topic, the
Indology Seminar at the University of Ghent (Belgium) some years back used
the name Tocharo-Celtic, to group languages between the Tochar (Eastern)
and Celtic (Ultimate Western) brackets.
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> Subject: Re: Indo-Germanic
> Date: zondag 23 februari 1997 6:35 PM
> Perhaps I am not the only one to say this (I haven't checked through all
> backed-up email today), but I fear that to me anyway Indo-Germanic (in
> English or in German) indeed sounds nationalistic.  If one wanted a
> technically defensible name, would we not have to resort to something
> Tocharo-Hittite?
> Silk

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