Sanskrit sentences in Devnagari

C.S.Raghavendra csr at
Mon Feb 24 14:05:24 UTC 1997


Recently a new mailing list (sanskrit-l at has been started
(announcement came on the Indology List) to assist learning of simple
spoken Sanskrit. The subscribers of the list get daily five sentences
along with a Sanskrit quotation.

Now, these sentences are available as simple HTML text files
in Devanagari ! These pages use XDVNG font developed by
Sri Sandeep Sibal (for Unix) and Sri Arun Gupta (for Windows and Macintosh).

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Of late, magazines, newspapers etc. in Indian languages are appearing
in this format (HTML text file with a font). One needs Netscape 3.0
upwards or Internet Explorer 3.0 to view these files in the native
language fonts.

- Raghavendra.
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