A Sanskrit text on burglary?

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Skanda, Kar.niisuta, Muuladeva etc. are relatively well-known in Sanskrit
literature as teachers of the science of robbery/theft.brigandage etc. See:

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but informative.
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stealing. Some inaccuracies in bibliographic specification.
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The misprint of "Characteristik deræ for "Charakter/Charakteristisch desÆ
is in the original.

I have not been able to see the following publication;
Pavolini, Emilio. 1896. Vicende del tipo di Muuladeva. Giornale della
Societa` Asiatica Italiana 9:175-88.

I have reproduced the above bibliography from a recently published article
of mine: "Dharma-caurya-rasaayana as a text and as a work of Brahmin
Fantasy." Am.rta-mandaakinii, G.B. Palsule Felicitation Volume, Pune. 1996..

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