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L.S. Cousins mhcrxlc at
Sat Feb 22 19:18:15 UTC 1997

Peter Wyzlic <pwyzlic at> writes:

>I have tried twice to download the file MAJJHIMA.ZIP from
>, but both times the compressed file I have got seems
>to be corrupted. With (Unix) unzip I get the error message:

Yes. Damien Keown and I have both tried and found problems.

Sorry about this. This time round the Mac files have so far been
problem-free but we have had difficulties with the DOS files. I thought we
had sorted them all out, but it seems not so.

I will upload a new copy from the CD to the States tomorrow but we won't be
able to put it on the JBE sites until after Tuesday when Wayne Husted is
back in his office.

At all events the copy on the CD unzips just fine on my Mac. So it will be
just a question of time until we can get a usable version onsite.

Lance Cousins

Email: mhcrxlc at

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