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Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
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> >Dear Indologists,
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> >MBh III, 69, 6 : 'strIsvabhAvaz calo loke'
> >Francois Ist, king of France : 'Souvent femme varie, bien fol est qui s'y fie'
> >
> >incredible coincidence, indoeuropean heritage or universal knowledge ?
> >
> >Dominique
> I admire your courage Dominique. I'll risk my neck by saying that I t

> to explain *why* women cannot be trusted - or why men perceive them as
> untrustworthy. Or whatever).

In the MBh women are untrustworthy ONLY as "absolute" women, with no relationship to 
men. As mothers, faithful wives and widows, and obedient daughters they are not, they 
are reliable and deserve the maximum respect. They are Lasksmi at home.
  (See my recently published paper "The Stridharma in the Dharmasastras: the 
Difference between Svadhrma and Stridharma and the Strisvabhava" [diacr. omitted here] 
in *Annali della Facolta' di Lettere e Filosofia dell'Universita' degli Studi di 
Perugia*, Vol. XXVIII, nuova serie XIV, Sezione Studi Classici, Perugia 1990, pp. 

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p.s. BTW instead of "Cosi' fan tutte" translate with "La donna e' mobile"

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