German Indology (Addendum)

Roland Steiner steiner at Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Fri Feb 21 10:56:41 UTC 1997

Dear Dominik,

Our attention was also drawn to the following:

The "list" (which is not a book) is actually Prof. Schlingloff's 
private list of names. He decided to circulate the pages simply stapled 
together out of sheer collegiality. The list contains only those 
names and adresses which might be especially useful for those in the German 
speaking area. Who would like to dictate how a private list of adresses 
should be compiled?

All of us appreciate the practicality of the list and that we do not 
have to make our own.

Please do not confuse the "list" with any official publication 
about the greatness of "German Indology". This is a completely different 
issue which is not, and should not be, included in the "list". Hopefully 
your remarks will not jeopardize the otherwise collegial and friendly 
climate of the international community of Indologists.

With best wishes,

Jayandra Soni and Roland Steiner

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