German Indology

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Fri Feb 21 11:45:47 UTC 1997

Nationality is definitely not the criterion used for this booklet - there
are dozens of non-Germans included. "German Indology" lists 1)
"institutions and persons concerned with Sanskrit and allied studies" in
German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, German speaking Switzerland),
2) Indologists in other countries whose mother tongue happens to be German
(like Siegfried Lienhard, a citizen of Sweden, and myself, living in
Norway). This may be objectionable, but it is rather convenient, after all.
I must admit that I often use this "distasteful" little book and that I
feel obliged to Dieter Schlingloff, who has compiled the data for the 1996

Best wishes
                        Georg v.Simson

Dominik wrote:
>Thanks to Gabriele Zeller for describing the book 'German Indology'
>I was very startled when I first saw this little book some years ago.
>Such a production in the United Kingdom would be quite beyond the pale.
>It wouldn't be a problem listing the Oriental Institutes in Britain, say,
>but to go further and list the details of all British-born scholars
>working elsewhere in the world just on the basis of their nationality
>would be felt to be distasteful, to say the least.
>To do "German Indology" credit, it does list Emmerick in Hamburg, in spite
>of his Australian nationality (at least I assume he still holds an ozzie
>passport).  But this goes against the spirit of the booklet.

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