Udayana's text

tat at quel.stu.neva.ru tat at quel.stu.neva.ru
Thu Feb 20 19:19:14 UTC 1997

Thank you for very important information on the Udayana's Parisuddhi. Gratefully yours, 
Tattvarthi. tat at quant.stu.neva.ru

>The full edition of  Udayana's Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi has been 
>published recently by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New 
>Delhi 1996. Edited by Anantalal Thakur. 
>Distributor: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers.
>Ernst Prets, Vienna
>>I'll be very thankful to anybody who will tell me if there exist any full 
>edition of the
>> Udayana's Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi. Sincerely Yours, Tattvarthi.
>>tat at quel.stu.neva.ru

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