Harappan horse: evidence

S. Kalyanaraman mdsaaa48 at giasmd01.vsnl.net.in
Tue Feb 18 18:14:13 UTC 1997

J.P.Joshi, 1990, Excavations at Surkotada 1971-72 and Exploration in Kutch, New Delhi:
bones of equus caballus were collected from all levels of the site; the photographs of the 
bones were also published in Puratattva, No. 7, 1974
Bhola Nath, 1968, Advances in the study of prehistoric and ancient animal remains in India:
a review, Recd. of the Zoological Society of India, Vol. 61, pp.1-3 identified the bones
excavated at Lothal and Ropar as those of the domesticated.
This is consistent with Zeuner, F.E., 1963, A History of Domesticated Animals, London:
which traces the domesticated Central Asian horse to 4500-4000 B.C.
Any comments and suggestions?
Regards, Kalyanaraman.

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