Accent notation in Tait. Up.

Charles Wikner WIKNER at
Mon Feb 17 07:30:41 UTC 1997

Gentle reader, 

If you have the key to the accent notation system used in the 
Taittiriiya Upanishad, would you please share it with me?

The same notation is used in two editions of the Taittiriiya
available to me (Swami "Sarvananda, Sri Ramakrishna Math, and 
Alladi Mahadeva Sastry, Samata Books). An illustration of this
marking is appended below.

The notation system vaguely follows that used in the .rgveda, 
but there are many exceptions, and passages where the marking 
is very sparse; it also adds the "diirgha svarita" (double 
vertical line) which is a mystery to me.

I am familiar with the systems of accent notation used in the 
.rgveda and saamaveda, so the response may use technical terms 
for brevity.

Thank you kindly,
Charles Wikner.
wikner at

These are the first few sentences of 1.11:

vedamanucyaacaaryo.antevaasinamanu"saasti | 

satya.m vada |  dharma.m cara |  svaadhyaayaanmaa pramada.h | 
    -                -                              -

aacaaryaaya priya.m dhanamaah.rtya prajaatantu.m maa vyavacchetsii.h |

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