beef and Jaina and Buddhist karma

Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at
Sun Feb 16 04:25:02 UTC 1997

Mr B.Philip.Jonsson [Seeker of Useless Knowledge] wrote:

bpj> The ban for Buddhists is explicitly on _killing_ or causing
bpj> killing, not on eating certain foodstuffs -- e.g. a taboo --, as
bpj> seems to be the the case with the Hindu and Jain bans on meat.

There is no real contradiction here: the Jainas tabooed grave and
avoidable himsaa, therefore eating *all* meat became taboo as well, by

bpj> It must be noted in this context that the Buddhist and Jain
bpj> concepts of karma are quite different.

This is why the Jainas considered the Buddhists hypocrites: in the Jaina
view, the Buddhists did not take the commandment of ahimsaa seriously
enough. In polemical writings the Buddhists are depicted as the kind of
people who will not butcher animals but do not mind if others butcher
for them.


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