Earliest Hominids in South Asia

Richard.Barz at anu.edu.au Richard.Barz at anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 14 03:56:06 UTC 1997

>Hi All
>I was trying to find some information regarding the fossils of the
>earliest hominids in South Asia. Are there any early hominid fossils
>excavated from India? If so , how old have they been dated as? In
>particular, i am looking for information on the fossils of homo sapiens.
>Pointers to  any references would be really appreciated.

The person to contact
would be Prof. Kenneth Kennedy, Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University,
Ithaca 14853, NY. His fax is 607 255 8088.

Richard Barz
Richard.Barz at anu.edu.au

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