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Chris Wooff C.Wooff at
Tue Feb 11 15:10:16 UTC 1997

Can I again remind all subscribers that you *must* post from the
address at which you subscribed. To protect you from unsolicited
email we only allow Indology subscribers to post. In this context 
the list processing software decides if you are a subscriber by
looking for the address you are posting from (ie what's in your
From: field) in its list of subscribers.

In the last few days there has been a deluge of attempted postings
which have failed for the above reason. In the early days I did
help people who had this problem and we sorted most instamces. 
If you have recently hit this problem then please email me c/o 
indology-request at . Simply trying again won't work!
Chris Wooff (C.Wooff at, ....mcsun!uknet!liv!C.Wooff)
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