Kannada drama

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jl> Can anyone help me with two dates? I know that Kailasam died in the
jl> 1940s, and Adya Rangacharya in the 1970s. Can anyone help me be
jl> more precise?

T.P. Kailasam: 1884-1946
Adya Rangacharya, alias Sriranga: 29.9.1904-17.10.1984

jl> I am also interested in any source on dramatic writing in the
jl> Kannada language.

Would it be all right if the information is in Kannada? In English, I
fear there is only little; in Kannada, there is more.

In English there is some information about individual playwrights and
about the narrative content of their plays, e.g. about Adya Rangacharya
and Shivaram Karanth, but not much about e.g. matters of technique. You
could perhaps look at

V.M. Inamdar: _Shivaram Karanth_
G.S. Amur: _Adya Rangacarya_

These are two small books in the series "Kannada Writers and their
Works", published by the Univ. of Mysore (1973 and 1975 resp.).

There is an article "Origin and Growth of Kannada Drama" by M. Rama Rao
in the now defunct journal _Kannada Studies_ (Mysore; vol. 2 (1965), pp.

Robert Zydenbos

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