H-ASIA: Q. Science and Non-Western Religions (fwd)

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Dear Indology colleagues:

The following post, which went out on H-ASIA this morning, struck me as
being of potential interest to the Indology list members as well.  I would
request that any posts of specific works be sent both directly to Mr.
Miller <jmiller at aaas.org> and to me <conlon at u.washington.edu>  Thanks.

Frank Conlon

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Subject: H-ASIA: Q. Science and Non-Western Religions

                           February 7, 1997

Query: seeking bibliographic leads re: Science and Non-Western Religions
Ed. note:  This query came to me personally, but as I have been unable to
negotiate an extension of my work day beyond 20 hours, I think it best
that I throw this out to H-ASIA for discussion and suggestions.  I would
note that at least from the South Asia perspective, there is an
interesting potential misunderstanding here--what the AAAS has in mind
when it employs the word "science" in relationship to "religion".  I think
the question is one that usefully forces us to rethink our categories a
wee bit, but of course that could be merely the bye-product of my extra
cup of Starbucks' coffee this morning.                          F.F.C.
From: JMILLER <JMILLER at aaas.org>

     The American Association for the Advancement of Science has a Program
     on Dialogue Between Science and Religion (AAAS/DBSR).  One of our
     interests is to identify written resources (books and articles) which
     discuss science and religion relationships (historically and
     conceptually).  There is a rather large body of literature on this
     topic in relation to Western, theistic religious traditions.  What I
     am inquiring of you is whether you are aware of articles or books
     which treat science and religion relationships in relation to
     non-Western and/or non-theistic religious traditions.  These can be
     materials which treat religion and science relationships in general
     (especially historically) or focus on religion and a particular
     contemporary science (e.g., physics, biology, etc.).

     If you are aware of such resources I would appreciate bibliographic
     references.  Thank you for your consideration.

     Jim Miller
     Senior Program Associate
Further ed. note:  I believe that while you may wish to send suggestion
directly to Jim Miller, you may also contribute leads and observations to
H-ASIA (H-ASIA at h-net.msu.edu)                                   F.F.C.
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