Probability Theory in Ancient India

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There is a paper, 'Statistics and its antiquity', by Dr B. D. Tiwari,
Professor and Head of Department of Statistics, University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur, published in the Journal, Bhaaratii-"Sodha-Saara-Sa.mgraha, Section
2, of year 1, parts 3-4, January 1972, pp.57-63.   Published by Bharati
Mandir Anusandan Sala, R-2 Visvavidyalaya Puri, Jaipur-4, Rajasthan, India.
   (Addresses correct in the early 1980s.)

It is mostly about collection of data in ancient India and does not give
any formulae, but he would be a good person to contact.

On Feb 5, 1997  Yvette C. Rosser wrote:

>Since the use of dice (games of chance) were well known in ancient India
>(Mahabharata, etc.) was there developed at that time a theory of
probability?  Is there >documented, from that period, a mathematical
formula investigating the laws of >probability (such as developed by Pascal
in the 17th century)?

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