Q: _catur-daMsshTra_ and _sahisshNu_

Cezary Zemis pasiasty at orient.uw.edu.pl
Tue Feb 4 08:26:17 UTC 1997

Dear Indologists,

In the _mahaabhaatata_ 13.135.28 (_visshNu-sahasra-naama-stotra_) there is
a name: _catur-daMsshTra_. In his English translation K.M. Ganguli (New
Delhi 1975:331) adds a comment: "which appeared on Him when He had assumed
a human form with a lion's head f or slaying the Asura chief
Hiranya-Kasipu". It sounds like a mythological explanation, but in the
myth of _n.r-siMha_ _catur-daMsshTra_ can hardly be found. Can anyone help
me to understand what has Ganguli meant?

My another question deals with the next stanza of MBh (13.135.29). There
is a name: _sahisshNu_ which I cannot find in any available dictionary.
Ganguli translates it: "He that does not bear or put up with those that
are wicked (or, He that puts up with t he occasional transgressions of his
devotees)" but it gives me no hint to find actual meaning of _sahisshNu_.

Thank you in advance.

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