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HCS-L: The E-mail List
of the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

The HCS-L mailing list has been set up to create an avenue for easy
electronic communication among members of the Society for
Hindu-Christian Studies and other interested scholars, clergy, and
monastics.  The purpose of HCS-L list is to provide a forum in which
persons trained in these traditions may exchange ideas and information
on matters pertaining to their academic interests, research, and

HCS-L is a private mailing list, which means that the list is not open
to the general Internet public. With exceptions for special
circumstances, subscriptions will generally be restricted to (1)
members of the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies, (2) other
subscribers to Society's journal, the _Hindu-Christian Studies
Bulletin_, (3) interested clergy and monastics, and (4) scholars with
training in disciplines related to Hindu-Christian Studies.  This
policy is intended to help ensure that the discussion remains as much
as possible on an informed level.

For instructions on subscribing to HCS-L, send a request to the list
manager (lnelson at pwa.acusd.edu) or consult our web site:


This site contains further information about HCS-L, the Society for
Hindu Christian Studies, and the _Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin_.

Thank you for your interest.

Lance Nelson
List Manager
Department of Theological and Religious Studies
University of San Diego
San Diego, CA 92110
lnelson at pwa.acusd.edu

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