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From: JR Gardner <jgardner at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU>
Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: Apple Indian language kit

>I was using it during ht etext phase.  In that time the "B" in WordPerfect
>would not render a devanagari b-- or anything else.  the absense of
>accents were also a problem (someday when I finish my dissertation Apple's
>okay'd me to make the full set . . . ).  I imported ILK text into a
>Three-dimensional modelling prgram by Strata and they looked great.  I
>would imagine a sophisticated publishing package like Adobe would have no
>problem with it. HOWEVER-- in the texts with which I did use ILK, it
>greatly shifted the verticle spacingo f the lines in which it was typed.

This is a common phenomena for complex fonts,.becasue they require
substantially larger type size to look good.
When your word processor is set to automatic spacing, even though the
character appears to be "normal" size on the screen, it is actually larger
as seen by the word processor, so it sets the spacing accordingly. If you go
into the line spacing and set it for a particular number of points instead
of "single," then the problem goes away.

>In other words, it really threw off the look of normal single or
>double-spacing.  That was the test/developer releases, however-- and I'm
>sure this is now worked out.  Make sure whomever you buy it from lets you
>try it out.  Academic price is about $200 or less, and a dealer should
>have it installed onsite for a try-out.  the typing interface is a joy,
>and the output is great quality .  Just make sure the spacing from
>line-to-line is okay.
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>On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Royce Wiles wrote:
>> The Apple Indian language kit supporting Devanagari (plus Gujarati and
>> Punjabi scripts) was released earlier in 1997. Has anyone on this list
>> it to prepare camera-ready copy? Maybe they could share some comments on
>> what it's like and whether the investment has been worth it.
>> I'm particularly keen to know if it works well with PageMaker 6.5.
>> Royce Wiles
>> Australian National University

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