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Mon Dec 15 07:01:07 UTC 1997

Dear colleagues,

        does anybody know anything about the destiny and present location of
the original Sanskrit text of "Madhyamaka-hRdaya" by Bhavya (BhAvaviveka)
which was copied by Rahula Sankrityayana in 1936 in Tibet? I have some
information on what happened to it before 1980 - mostly from Prof. Hajime
Nakamura's "Indian Buddhism"(2nd Indian edition, Delhi, 1989, pp.284-285).
Two small portions of the Sanskrit text were
edited and translated into English by V.V.Gokhale in IIJ, vol.2, 1958, n.3,
pp. 165-180 and IIJ, vol.XIV, 1972, n.1/2, pp.40-45. V.V.Gokhale used a copy of the
Sankrityayana's copy. But I don't have answers to two most important questions:

        1. Did V.V.Gokhale (or some other scholar) published later any
other parts of the Sanskrit text? Or has the complete text been published
since 1980?
        2. What happened to Gokhale's copy or Sankrityayana's copy itself?
Where it is now?

        Any information will be of great help to me and my colleagues.
        Thanks in advance.
        With my best wishes

                                        Yaroslav Vassilkov
                                        St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental
                                        Russian Academy of Sciences
                                        yavass at
                                        tel/fax: 7 (812) 275 8179

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