Consonant Conjuncts in Gurmukhi.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Mon Dec 15 08:44:41 UTC 1997


Could anyone please refer me to any texts which will give me a list of
attested consonant conjuncts in Gurmukhi?

I've looked through several grammars (and perhaps indeed the wrong ones)
and only came up with a handful, drawn from these various texts. I figure
that there ought to be a comprehensive listing somewhere.

Those that I came across are (in random order):

        tr      pr      sn      sch     gy      sw      sth
        sT      mh      nh      lh      khr     gr      dr
        br      bhr     .Dh (retroflex flap + /h/)


Anshuman Pandey

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