delocutives [was Graha epithets (tArA,tArakA and tAraka)]

jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Fri Dec 12 16:23:01 UTC 1997

Perhaps it is my ignorance of linguistics which leads me to say this, but I
still do not think that there exist verbs "to honey" or "sonny-boy". (I
believe Clare Martin is correct that these words should be placed in
quotation marks.) For me, perhaps, the test is whether -ing "gerunds" are
possible. I do not think one can say "*honeying" as a verb (of course, as
an adj. it is common), or "*sonny-boying". Likewise *yesing is an
impossibility. On the other hand, what about "okay"?  I suppose that one
could argue that this is actually a denominitive, but an argument that it
is delocutive seems plausible to me -- and of course, "okaying" and other
verbal forms are in common use.

Back to "to hail" for a moment; if I have understood the OED correctly,
while it does seem that the verbal form derives from the vocative usage, in
English in any case it seems to be borrowed -- as a verb -- from Old Norse;
see OED s.v. hailse.  Perhaps Lars or someone with knowledge of
Scandanavian linguistics can shed some light on this.

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