Hanuman and Narada

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Mon Dec 8 13:30:17 UTC 1997

At 1:17 +0100 8/12/97, S Krishna wrote:
>  I would like to know where more details can be found about the
>following episode involving hanumAn and nArada:
>  tumburu and nArada get into a big argument about who is the better
>musician and go to vishNu for a judgement. vishNu summons hanumAn in
>order to demonstrate what good music is. hanumAn then sings a few rAgas
>in order to demonstrate how intense can be the effect generated by  a
>certain rAga- he sings one rAga and the vINas of tumburu and nArada
>freeze, he sings another rAga and the vINas unfreeze. "This" vishNu
>tells nArada and tumburu, "is what music is all about".
> Can anybody give me the name of the purANa in which this incident is
>refered to? I remember reading this nearly fifteen years ago in the
>CandamAmA ( the children's magazine) but cannot hunt up a reference for
>this now.
> Any pointers will be appreciated.

        I don't know the answer you ask, but I find very interresting that,
beeing vAyu's, Hanuman is here, as the wind, a master of songs and frost.
Do you know other examples of this relationship (Achilleus, an other
wind-hero, was a skilful singer) ? Something about bhIma ?

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