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On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, N. Ganesan wrote:

> Incidentally, Institute of Asian studies, Madras is publishing several
> volumes on Tamil palm leaf catalogs. Many Tamil books published decades
> ago are easily available at Univ. of Koeln. When I give photocopies of
> rare published works to Tamil vidhvans, literally tears run down
> (aananda bhashpam).  Many Roja Muttaiya libray and Saiva siddhanta
> kazakam collections' microfilms will be available from Chicago.

... and the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine in London. The
Wellcome Institute is buying microfilm copies of the medical-related texts
from the RMRL collection.  Combined with the other historical collections
and staff at the Wellcome Institute, it is now possible to do substantial
historical research on Tamil siddha and medical traditions at the Wellcome
Institute.  We hope in coming years to encourage scholars interested in
these topics to use our collections for research.

The Wellcome Trust is proud to be associated with the Roja Muthiah
Research Library project.  Through the inspired work of the late lamented
P. Sankaralingam and his colleagues, the RMRL has emerged as a collection
of international renown.  As a result of the vision of Chicago University
coupled with funding from the Wellcome Trust, the Ford Foundation, and
other bodies, a great collection has been conserved, catalogued, and made
publicly available in Chennai, as well as abroad (through microfilming).

> I agree with Dominik. The charges on books from British library are way
> high.

I'm afraid I didn't say this.  Must be some other "Dominik" :-)

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