Graha's epithets

Sat Dec 6 13:17:00 UTC 1997

At 10:01 AM 12/6/97 +0300, Yarssov Vassilkov writes:

>        One more case when it would be safer before pushing the button and
>asserting one's own opinion as a general rule to check with texts, indexes
>and even most popular dictionaries. TArakA is a very well known variant of
>the name TArA as the wife of BRhaspati: see, e.g., the widespread formula
>tArakAmayayuddham 'the war which arose in conscequence of Soma having carried
>off TArA, the wife of BRhaspati'. As for dictionaries, see Goesta Liebert
>and even Dowson.
>                All the best,
>                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

First of all I did not assert anything. I have only said

>Anyway I have not come across tArakA being used for tArA the wife of

If one has come across, one is welcome to share it with the members of the
list. That is what this list is for - to exchange information. If every
body knew everything there will be nothing to communicate and there will be
necessity of the list. I do not claim that I am omniscient and I hope that
others also do not claim to be one. If every body waited till they consulted
everything to press the button one may not get a chance to press it at all.
I have consulted the dictionaries available to me. They do not list under
the word tArakA the meaning the wife of bRhaspati. Whereas in case of tArA
they do. This clearly shows that tArA is the most wellknown name for the wife
of bRhaspati.

Even the exerpt given by you

>'the war which arose in conscequence of Soma having carried
>off TArA, the wife of BRhaspati'

gives the name tArA for the wife of bRhaspati.

A little more information about the references Mr.Vassilkov has given will
be welcome.



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