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Vaidix Vaidix at AOL.COM
Fri Dec 5 10:13:03 UTC 1997

Hello everyone,

Why not establish a procedure to "loan" a document to a different country or
organization temporarily? Let one copy of this document be submitted to a
voluntary organization and/or a state department and/or  a university within
the country in which that mss or artifact originates.

This at least gives the originating country a legal chance to get back its
documents and copyrights when it is ready to take care of them.  Let someone
who knows the legalese draft a form and circulate it widely.  The originating
country must also make a law that such forms must be filled before the mss or
artifact is transported out of the country otherwise it can be considered as
piracy or theft.  This simple procedure can make it easy for the flow of
material without guilt at the same protecting the rights of originating

Efforts must be made to make such legislation at all possible levels
national/state/province/district so that even if a state has no law, the
district law can prevent the movement without a documentary support.

B. Mallampalli

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