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>My observation
>is that a person's ethnic background has no
>relevance and should not enter discussion.
>( pun: It sounds like Mahabharata somewhat when
>Karna is asked to describe lineage before he is
>permitted to participate.  I believe it's
>a mistake.)
>Coming back to my view, let me state it clearly
>again.  I strongly hold that the intellectual
>property of a nation/people must not leave them
>on any circumstance.
        I find these two points, at least apparently, contradictory. If people are
not to be disqualified based on body/lineage/ethnicity/race etc, then surely
non-Indians are not automatically disqualified from acting as caretakeers of
manuscripts.    Similarly, it would seem to follow that Indians, by dint of
their bodies, are not automatically qualified to do so.
        If the truth is what works, whatever works to preserve that which is
valuable is the true means to do so.
Howard J. Resnick
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