Graha epithets

Girish Sharma girish at MUSHIKA.WANET.COM
Wed Dec 3 20:54:38 UTC 1997

There are two epithets, one of Shani and one of
Ketu, that I don't understand.  Can anyone help
with the meaning of these:

For Shani, Niilaa~njanagiriprakhya, which to
mean something like the One who has the appearance
of a <giri> of blue ointment.  What does giri
mean in this context?

For Ketu, Taarakaagrahataaraka where it seems to
be Taarakaa - wife of Brhaspati, graha - seizing,
taaraka - planet.  Was Ketu somehow involved in the
abduction of the wife of Brhaspati that resulted in
the birth of Budha by Candra?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Girish Sharma
San Diego, CA

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