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Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at
Fri Aug 29 11:44:00 UTC 1997

At 2:59 +0200 29/08/97, Rolf Heinrich Koch wrote:
>Yes, I can agree. So can you help me also with the term praticAra, which is
>mentioned together with cAra? Both are part of the list of 72 arts which a
>young m a n has to be taught (correct English??)

	Sorry, I can't.
	Just an idea without any proof. If I'm unable to imagine the
meaning of praticAra with cAra = astrologer, I can imagine with cAra = spy,
observer the meaning counter-espionage, protection against the observers.
Naturally, such terms would be frequently linked. Perhaps you can try to
test it ?

PS: I'm unable to correct your English, but I've understanded it ;-)

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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