aatape (vi)dhaarita.h

Rolf Heinrich Koch roheko at classic.msn.com
Sat Aug 23 03:48:47 UTC 1997

The story according to the MSV tradition is translated by Prof. Schlingloff in 
his life-work dealing with the Ajanta-paintings. There in Ajanta this avadana 
is painted according the MSV-tradition. The tibetan version is translated by 
the Tibetan scholar Lobsang Panglung from Munich in Germany. All works are 
written in German: "Panglung "Die Erzählstoffe des Mulasarvastivada-vinaya" 
Tokyo 1981; D. Schlingloff "Zur geschichtlichen Bedeutung der frühen Seefahrt" 
Munich 1982. The Ajanta book of Prof. Schlingloff will be published at the end 
of 1997.
The word aatapa occurs about 5 times in Buddhacarita 
(1.18/1.73/13.43/11.37/9.22), also in connection with the root dh.r, further 
instances are to be found in Palicanon.

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