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Mittal Sushil mittals at MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA
Thu Aug 21 13:46:21 UTC 1997

Dominique Thillaud wrote:

> > 	Hence I suppose nor Draupadi, nor Helen, beeing historical or
> > ethnical characters, but that's just my opinion.

Pratap Kumar wrote:

> This is great stuff.  I have been waiting for someone to say this. I 
> think a lot of Indian materials could be understood through  comparative 
> mythology and this might be problematic to those who tend to argue that 
> there is nothing unique about the Indian materials. But that is not the 

I agree. We therefore need to encourage scholars in other fields to bring
their own studies of religion, world views, theories of modernity and
pre-modernity, social organization and social control, and so on, into
dialogue with Hindu Studies. We equally need to encourage South Asia
scholars to explore such perspectives in their own work. To consider
Hinduism comparatively as a 'form of life' as clarified by its contrasts
and similarities to other historical and present day forms would make it
more interesting to non-Indologists and more relevant to contemporary


Sushil Mittal

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